Design Rates & Starting Prices

As all projects are unique, please be sure to get in contact for your custom estimate.

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Prices advertised online for packaging designers vary a lot. To help give you an idea of how much I charge I have listed my three main design services and the starting prices for each.

These prices are based on my hourly rate and the minimum amount of time required to create a truly effective, fully realized design. When you are competing costs please bare this in mind.

If you have any questions do ask in the contacts section or scroll down for your custom estimate.


New Project Starting Prices.

Product Branding
(Logo Design)

The creation of a unique brand identity for your product or company name.

Packaging Graphic Design
(Package/Label Artwork)

Graphic design artwork created for your package in professional print production formats.

Packaging Concepts
(Cardboard Construction)

Exploring ideas for the 3D construction of your packaging for a manufacturer to realize.


After Design Support.

When you are ready to add new products, extend lines, expand into new markets or simply need to make updates there's often no need to start over.

Quick Updates
(Per Hour)

For simple changes with a fast turn-around.

Detailed Updates
(Per Session)

For significant updates and revisions.


My name is John Stoyles, I am a packaging designer specializing in packaging graphics and product branding. Every product, no matter what the product is, has a story to tell and it is my role to explore and communicate it through packaging design.

If you are looking to hire a packaging designer, I hope you will request an estimate (below) to receive my project briefing form, a series of simple outline questions. Some are the usual need-to-know items whilst others help me understand the message at the heart of your product story. You will be messaging me directly so it's an easy way to start the conversation.

If you know your product, I can tell your story.

Why Your Product Story Matters

Why Your Product Story Matters

For Packaging design to successfully engage your ideal customer it needs to tell a compelling product story - but what is your product story?


Creative Design Services

My Creative Design Services

There are three areas of packaging design that I specialize in; Packaging Graphic Design, Product Branding and Packaging Construction.


Packaging Design Process

Start-to-Finish How my design process works

I keep the path to design completion simple and straightforward and whenever you want to add comment or feedback I am available and ready to listen.


Request a FREE / No Obligation Estimate

Enter your name and email then complete the briefing form I send you. Your answers provide me with the background I need to start crafting your story. If you like the estimate we review my plan before I set about designing.