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I am an independent freelance packaging designer with the skills, experience and qualifications you will need your packaging designer to have.

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A Freelance Designer for over 10 years, a former agency Creative Director and a qualified 3D Product Designer. 

Freelance is the best description of how I work. Essentially, I am a self employed packaging designer and you can hire me in the same way as if you were to hire an architect to design your house. 

Just like the architect, who does not build the house, I do not manufacture the packaging. My role is to create the perfect package design, from ideas and concepts through to the finished design with great looking graphics and artwork. When the design is complete, I provide you with industry-quality files for printing and manufacture.

And, because successful packaging is a balance between marketing and design, I can also provide helpful advice and guidance to ensure your packaging maximizes its role as ambassador and salesperson for your product.

Packaging Design Drawings
Packaging Designer, John Stoyles

I am a British designer now based in Vermont, USA.  I started my business in the UK back in 2010 and specialize in designing packaging graphics, which often includes product logo design as well as other brand building visuals.

Before working for myself I was an agency Creative Director for five years and a full-time Graphic Designer for the five years before then. I am also a qualified three dimensional product designer which provides me with the skills to develop packaging structurally.

So, whatever point you are at on your packaging design journey, I have the skills and experience to help you reach the end goal with a well presented, smartly packaged product.

My studio is based in the heart of the Vermont but you don’t need to be in Vermont to work with me. Wherever you are in the world it’s a personal service, we work one-to-one, even though we could be miles apart.

Let me provide you with an estimate for your project - it’s easy to get started with just your name and email.

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John Stoyles, Freelance Packaging Designer working at his desk.

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View My Portfolio
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John Stoyles. Pack & Brand Designer

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