John Stoyles. Pack & Brand Designer

Freelance Packaging Designer

I am a Freelance Packaging Designer Specializing in Packaging Graphics, Product Branding and Structural Packaging Design. My Studio is based in Vermont and my Services Accessible Online.

Packaging Design That Tells Your Story

Freelance Packaging Designer
Freelance Packaging Designer
Freelance Packaging Designer
Freelance Packaging Designer
Freelance Packaging Designer

Almost every purchase we make is influenced by packaging design – the visual presentation of the product, the brand and the story they tell us.


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Packaging Designer

Hello. I’m John Stoyles, a professional freelance designer specializing in packaging graphics and product branding. 

Freelance means you can hire me directly. My studio is in Vermont and my design services are accessible right here, online. 

For over ten years I have been designing packaging for businesses of all sizes in all locations. My clients value the clear, collaborative way I work and the great results we achieve together.

If you are looking for packaging design to tell your story, now is a great time to get in contact.

Freelance Packaging Designer, John Stoyles
John Stoyles, Freelance Packaging Designer

My Design Services

What I can do for you…

Design Services

Packaging Graphic Design

My clean, modern style stands out in store, reads easily in hand and looks smart and display-worthy in the home. My objective for every design is to successfully match the values of the product with those of the buyer.

Packaging Graphic Design Example
Packaging Graphic Design Example
Product Branding Design Example

Logo Design & Branding

Whether your product is an everyday essential, bespoke, innovative, traditional, mass-produced or hand crafted, I’ll design a logo to communicate the strength of the brand and the integrity of the product.

Product Branding Design Example

Structural Design Concepts

If you want a package design that goes beyond standard templates, I design prototypes for cardboard based packaging and provide you with the templates, guides and mock-ups required to engineer a full production piece.

Packaging Construction Design Example
Packaging Construction Design Example
Packaging Design Graphics
John Stoyles, Freelance Packaging Designer working at his desk.

More About Me
My professional experience, qualifications and how freelance works for you.

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My Prices
An overview of my prices and how they relate to my design process.

Packaging designer working on creating a new package design.

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John Stoyles. Pack & Brand Designer

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